Who is Perez, APC?

Perez, APC is a woman and minority owned multi-discipline firm based in New Orleans. For over 70 years, Perez, APC has been developing communities and preserving historical buildings throughout New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. For more, visit e-Perez.com.


What is the development?

#reviveLower 9 sees a mutual opportunity for economic development and job creation in the lower 9th Ward. We are working with the community to develop plans of growth which include preserving the historic Holy Cross School building and developing about 13 acres of usable space for residents, retail and small businesses. The property will be available for purchase and rent.



#reviveLower 9 believes in growth and opportunity in New Orleans. With the community’s input, and the plans currently underway for development, Perez, APC will begin construction in the 9th Ward thereby planting the seed for repopulating the area with workforce-income residents. By doing this, economic stimulation will create a platform for more businesses and residents to slowly start inhabiting the neighborhood.


Why now?

The 9th Ward has waited long enough. Perez, APC believes that re-growth and development is vital, and that the 9th Ward has been ignored for too long. The time is now.


What does the future hold?

Once the seed is planted, residents and small businesses will stimulate the neighborhood’s currently stagnant economy. This could mean grocery stores, retail space, a police force, a post office, a fire department and so much more for the people of the 9th Ward who currently have none of these very basic amenities.  Every day conveniences will be made easier, and the community will thrive. With all of the foreseeable development, jobs will be created not only immediately, but after construction as well. Perez, APC advocates for feasible and sustainable vitality in not only the neighborhood, but the entire lower 9th Ward.


When will the construction start?

Currently, construction on the site is set to start in 2015. The project is set to be finished with an available move in date around early 2016.


How long will this all take?

Currently, construction is slated to be 14 months.


How many residential units will be available?

According to the latest drafts, 267 residential units will be built- 131 of those units will be mid-rise, and 136 of them will be low-rise.


 How many commercial units will be available?

As of right now 13 commercial units are planned for construction, allowing for mixed use of portions of the development. In addition, 19 live-work units, and 50,000 square feet (4 floors) of extra commercial space will be available.


 Are these units for rent or purchase?

Both. There are 37 multi-family units for rent; 3,700 square feet of “flex space,” meaning it can be used as commercial space or residential housing depending on the needs of the community.


 What will the site look like?

The property is in a rectangular shape and has fronts on Reynes Street, two sides of Dauphine Street, Burgundy Street, and Deslonde Street. The land has a beautiful view of the Mississippi River, and is anywhere from 9 feet to 4 feet above sea level. In addition, there are over 5 acres of green space available to be accessed by the community.  There is a current oak grove which will remain, and provide canopy for an outdoor fresh market.


 What about parking?

There will be plenty of parking for commercial and residential spaces- 521 parking spots are on the plans for construction to prevent traffic and inconvenience. The majority of the parking is located below the mid-rise buildings and shielded for the most part, from public view.


 Will there be traffic?

Although there will be more traffic than there currently is now, when the Holy Cross College was in full operation, there were 995 students enrolled. This created traffic of around 1,500 people traversing through the neighborhood on a daily basis. Access to the property will be by St. Claude Avenue via Reynes Street and exit from the property will be made down Forstall Street.


 Will anyone’s home be destroyed?

Nobody’s home will be destroyed, only more homes built.


Will anything happen to the Oak trees?

Absolutely not. In fact, the grove will act as a community centered green space for outdoor gatherings. The plans include a little over 5 acres of green space total.


Is there room for a park?

Plans to dedicate about an acre of park space to the community are underway. In addition, the entire levee structure bordering the south boundary of the site, which is completely under the control of the Army Core of Engineers, will always be available to the residents to enjoy outdoor activities and the river front.



Together, we will #reviveLower 9.