The development’s proposed height does not comply with the City Master Plan.”
The project’s proposed height complies with the City Master Plan, as Angela O’Byrne was on the team which wrote the Master Plan.

The development will destroy homes.”
Perez, APC plans to build on a currently vacant and run down plot of land that the school was located on, nothing more.

The construction will block the levee.”
Perez, APC does not want to, nor legally could block the levee. This is just a rumor and is completely untrue.

The structure of the building does not match the architectural style of the community.”
Originally, Perez, APC had a vision of what the structure would look like. After conversations with the community, they have made changes in favor of the residents currently living in the area which included reductions from 13 stories to only 7. They have and will continue to converse with the residents to better understand their wishes.

Perez, APC is a corporation; they don’t know what we want.”
Perez, APC is a small architecture firm lead by Angela O’Byrne. After seeing almost every other part of the city growing back from devastation, Perez, APC feels the lower 9th Ward deserves attention, and deserve it now. Perez, APC wants your input, and has set up forums for everyone’s voice to be heard. Community engagement is more than welcome.